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The Issue in Newly Graduate Professionals


Young Professionals in AbroadStudents are looking forward to a prosperous career that implicates the so-called “accessible employment” after graduation, rather than inaccessible employment itself. The aim is not only for acquiring prestige, honors, diplomas, victory, etc. but also for a better career opportunity in abroad that one must benefit from what he is about to aspire and bring off materially. That’s why education is significant in consequence of the goals to be carried out and to preempt any attempt so that victory is always aimed at.

Many teachers, lecturers and skills instructor are seeking to help students learn to become sagacious and responsible individuals in our society. Through proper instruction, of course, students will acquire quality of education. As a matter of fact, those conscientious students will deem their success an incomparable victory. But, how about the happy-go-lucky students who merely passed through the “mercy of the pen” by their teachers? How about those who aspired to get honors even though these were already beyond their intellectual capacity, but were able to graduate with cum laude because of mentor’s favoritism and, likewise, of crafty cheating? Can they claim the honor of graduating with honors, a victory? While many of the cum laude could gaze at the world with pride, some will be shocked if they contemplate that theirs is a Pyrrhic victory because morally speaking, the honors they previously received will not account for the favoritism and cheating they have done to attain them. These graduates are carrying amazing grades yet in reality they are not intellect as their grades and not as skillful as their titles.

The applicants as graduates of certain courses should strive hard and be hired using the knowledge, skills and talents so that they may have the brighter future and career opportunities as part of the establishments they are aiming for or planning to plug away with. Perseverance of desired career is indispensable and it is a key to success. Everybody must bear with it until he/she gets hired and has a good job in the company.



Kai said...
February 21, 2009 at 7:52 PM  

Hi....sure..i would accept exchange link with you...:D..

csyoung1978 said...
May 11, 2012 at 10:29 AM  

Fresh graduate job seekers are idealistic. They expect to get a job related to their course which is good because they possess the skills needed in performing the job.

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