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Job Interview Questions common in Singapore


If you are well prepared in advance, the job interview and process doesn’t have to be stressful. With some research, practice, and confidence, the interview process can be just another exciting rite of passage.

To break the ice and to learn a little more about you personally, most job interviewers will start with some positive personal questions. The first question is generally - tell me about yourself. Don’t go on and on. Only give the relevant facts such as married or single, education, and former jobs. If you have children, this is certainly the time to mention them.

Next the interviewer will more than likely ask about your goals, where you see yourself in the next ten years, and describe your most important achievements. Be ready with the goals before the interview. Don’t make some goals up; be honest or you won’t be trusted. Don’t answer what you think the interviewer will want to hear.

Give your goals and briefly explain why they are important to you. When asked where you see yourself in ten years, briefly explain how you see yourself in the company and how you will be contributing to the company’s success. Even if your most important achievements are in college, they are worthy of mention. If you have past business achievements, by all means talk about them, but not in a bragging way. No one likes someone who toots his own horn. Make sure that you give your co-workers at least partial credit for your achievements. You always want to look like a team player. That is very important in the business world.


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